The world of Kylvincast uses a consolidated skill system similar to the one introduced in Pathfinder Unchained with a few minor modifications. A full description of the consolidated skill system along with a complete breakdown of what functions can be accomplished with each skill can be found HERE on the d20pfsrd website. Changes to the original consolidated skill system are listed below. It should be understood that any mention of a core skill in reference material should be updated to the new consolidated skill.

Skill List

New Skill Untrained Attribute Armor Penalty Consolidated Core Skills
Acrobatics Yes Dex Yes Acrobatics (Not Jumping), Escape Artist, Fly, Ride
Athletics Yes Str Yes Acrobatics (Jumping), Climb, Swim
Craft Yes Int No Craft, Disguise
Finesse No Dex Yes Disable Device, Sleight of Hand
Influence Yes Cha No Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate
Nature No Int No Handle Animal, Knowledge (Dungeoneering, Geography, Nature)
Perception Yes Wis No Perception, Sense Motive
Performance Yes Cha No Performance
Religion No Int No Knowledge (Planes, Religion)
Society No Int No Knowledge (History, Local, Nobility), Linguistics
Spellcraft No Int No Knowledge (Arcana), Spellcraft, Use Magic Device
Stealth Yes Dex Yes Stealth
Survival Yes Wis No Heal, Survival

The Craft skill is being readded back into the Kylvincast setting and is used exactly like it is presented in the original Pathfinder Core Rulebook. Disguise is being included as a craft subskill, not as a part of the perform skill, and should be taken as Craft: Disguise, but the rules for creating disguises still go by their original rules and not the basic craft rules.
Unlike the Craft skill, the Profession skill is not being readded into the skill system for Kylvincast. Any player who wishes for their character to have had training in a particular profession just needs to add that training to the characters background. If a player wishes for a character to attempt to make money in a profession they are proficient at they will be asked to make skill checks related to the profession to determine the money they receive.
Example: Bakers make and sell bread so Skill checks in Craft: Food and Influence could be used to determine money made. A professional driver may be required to make Nature, Society, or even Survival skill checks depending on the situation.

While the Appraise and Knowledge (Engineering) skills are not represented in the chart they have been conceptually added to many skills. Any character with a skill linked to an item can use that skill to learn about the item.
Example: One character with Profession (Mason) and another with Society could both make checks to learn about a castle, while a character with Spellcraft and another with Craft (Armor) could both appraise a magic shield.


If a feat, prestige class, or other ability requires a certain number of ranks in a skill, directly convert that core skill to the consolidated skill. Use the same number of ranks.
Example: The Mounted Combat feat requires Acrobatics 1 rank instead of Ride 1 rank.

Skill Unlocks

The world of Kylvincast uses a version of the Skill Unlock system introduced in Pathfinder Unchained. When a character gains a skill unlock they do not unlock the entire consolidated skill but instead, they must choose a subskill to unlock. The full list of Skill Unlocks can be found Here.

Skill Related Feats

Added Feat: Signature Skill
Adjusted Feat: Skill Focus
Removed Feats: Acrobatic, Alertness, Animal Affinity, Athletic, Deceitful, Deft Hands, Magical Aptitude, Persuasive, Self-Sufficient, Stealthy.
Other: Feats that would normally grant a bonus to a particular core skill now grant the bonus only when the appropriate function of the consolidated skill is being used.
Example: The Intimidating Prowess feat add a character’s Strength modifier instead of Charisma only when using the Influence skill to intimidate not for any other use of the Influence skill.

Passive Skills

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