This section details the playable races of the Kylvincast world. The playable races are broken up into three groups:

Common Races

Races that are fairly prevalent in the world and can be chosen by any player as their characters race without GM approval.

  • Dwarves
    • The sometimes surly dwarves have the distinction of creating the oldest civilization known. Having fought ancient wars against planar foes the Dwarves are suspicious of other races and see themselves as the protectors of Kylvincast.
  • Elves
    • The Elves have not been in Kylvincast for long. Originally sent by there Fey Lords as part of an invasion force the Elves found that they preferred this new land of freedom to their servitude in the First World and decided to make peace with the other races and remain here.
  • Halflings
    • The barbaric tribes that make up the Halfling race have existed for almost as long as the Dwarven clans but their lack of structure has prevented the Halflings from amassing in force. Those outsiders who think these small people are weak do not understand the true savage nature of these people.
  • Humans
    • Humans are the most diverse race in all of Kylvincast. While others cling to their race as a sense of identity the short-lived and quickly reproducing humans look to their surrounding culture for their identity.
  • Orcs
    • These bestial folk were the most prevalent surface dwellers of Kylvincast until the first migration of Humans began to overtake the land. Unlike the other races, Orcs seem to be perfectly at home in the wild places of the world and even seem to thrive in the places others dare not go.

Uncommon Races

Mostly consisting of offshoots of other races these are less abundant than their common cousins. Any decent background explanation will gain GM approval.

Rare Races

Races that are very seldom seen in the world and are difficult to explain as being player characters. Will require an in-depth background to gain GM approval.

  • Drow
    • The dark-skinned cousins of the elves are secretive in nature and maintain a ritualistic culture that outsiders cannot understand.
  • Duergar
    • An offshoot faction of dwarves that live in the deepest places of the world fighting against the abominations that reside at the heart of the world.
  • Strix
  • Vishkanyas

Other races are not currently approved for use in Kylvincast but may be added at a later date.

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