Character Creation

Character creation for the Kylvincast setting is much like character creation for any other Pathfinder based game. You will begin here with your character concept and continue through the links provided to go through the creation process step by step. Each step has a main page and most have several subordinate pages that can be clicked on. Feel free to jump back and forth between the main page and its subordinate pages until you have found what you need. Each subordinate page provides a link back to its parent page for ease of navigation.
Once finished with a step return to that steps main page and find the link for “Continue Character Creation” at the bottom of the page. You can always jump back to the previous step by clicking on “Previous Step” link at the bottom of each page. You also always have the option to jump directly to the “Home Page”.


A good concept is the foundation of every good character. While a character’s race and class may play a large role in who a character is they do not completely describe a character. A good concept is as much about the history of a character as it is about the character presently. While a Dwarven Cleric and a Human Assassin may be very different characters it is possible that they both began life on the streets begging for food and money. It is the journey’s they took to become who they are now that is the core of the character and in that lies the true character concept. While a character concept is not a true creation step in itself, it is something that a player should always keep in the back of their mind while building a character. A character concept is a malleable thing and as a player builds their character their concept may be further refined or change completely. By the end of the creation process, a character concept becomes a full-fledged character.

Character Sheet

To properly keep track of all character information each player will need a proper character sheet. Players are welcome to use whatever character sheet they prefer but the recommended sheets are the ones created by Dyslexic. Follow the steps below to get the proper sheet. These sheets are class specific so you may need to return to this step after choosing your class.

  1. Right-click Here and open the link in another tab or window.
  2. Click on the BUILD MY CHARACTER button under the Pathfinder logo.
  3. Click on the ONE CHARACTER button that contains the single fighter portrait.
  4. On the CLASS page click on the appropriate box for the class you have chosen for your character then click on the forward arrow at the bottom of the page.
    1. Be aware that the Kylvincast setting uses the Unchained versions of the Barbarian, Monk, and Rogue so if you are playing a character of one of those three classes be sure to click the box under the Pathfinder Unchained heading and not the Core Rulebook heading.
  5. On the OPTIONS page:
    1. In the Pages section you can choose how your characters spell list and inventory pages will look. It is suggested that these be left in the default settings unless the player has used the Dyslexic character sheets before and knows what the different options entail.
    2. Under the Skills heading highlight the button for Consolidated. If you plan on your character having a crafting skill you can highlight the button before Craft and choose the appropriate craft form the dropdown list. If your character will have multiple crafting abilities you can use the + button after the dropdown list to create multiple craft line on your skill list.
    3. Under Additional Pages it is suggested that players leave the Character background page check-marked, uncheck the Map figure sheet, and if the character will have a companion of some sort check-off the Animal Companion sheet.
    4. If the player wishes to use the Watermark or SELECT PORTRAIT section they are free to do so.
    5. Until someone decides to make a Kylvincast logo the Pathfinder logo can stay the same.
    6. Click the forward arrow to move on.
  6. Finally, on the DOWNLOAD page choose the color and language you want your character sheet to print in under the appropriate sections and click the DOWNLOAD button at the bottom of the page.
    Congratulations you now have a brand new character sheet. I hope you can print it.

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Character Creation

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